Monday, June 15, 2015

Assignment that I am most proud of

I am most proud of my "Who Am I?" video. I think this video accurately portrays my passion for art and the different medias art can be in. The movie itself took a solid days work from filming, finding old film, to capturing pictures of my pieces of art. I think the movie encompasses how important art is in my life and how much it has meant to me in the past. My artist views on the world effect the people around me as well as myself. In making the movie it opened my eyes to how important art is to me and how big of a role it plays in my life. I knew I made art as a relaxing technique when things got a little hectic but I never would've guessed how much of an impact it had in my life overall. I think that I put my best effort into this movie and it really shows through in the craftsmanship. This work impacted my learning because it showed to me that if you are passionate about something and you give it 110% it will always come out as a more beautiful, sleek, and polished piece than something you weren't passionate about. I think throughout the year there have been some photographs that I look back on and think, "Wow I really like this photograph", but none of the projects we did can compare to the pleased feeling I get when I watch back the movie and realize my hard work payed off.

Most Memorable Experience

One of my most memorable experience in this class is taking photos with the pinhole cameras. It was a new and exciting technique for me. Many people seemed to think the work with the pinhole cameras was tedious, but for me it was exciting not knowing how your picture would come out. I liked the antiqueness of the photographs and to know how much time and effort went into each one. The pinhole camera taught me patience and that you have to put effort into a photograph if you want it to turn out well. When putting the photograph through the chemicals you had to be patient with each rotation and it was very important to not rush things because then the picture would not come out right. If you were patient you were rewarded with a very cool photograph. The pinhole cameras opened up lots of opportunities, like ghosting and double exposure. You could do a simple photograph, and it was important to do this at the beginning when you first learning how to use the technology. After the initial photographs it was important to branch out and explore other techniques you could use. Ghosting took time and patience, especially if you didn't get the exposure right the first time, but when you got it correct, it looked very cool and you feel a type of accomplishment and pride in the photograph. Double exposure works the same way. It took time to get right, especially making sure the exposure timing worked, but when a double exposure photograph turns out well, it is very rewarding. Over all I think that the pinhole cameras was a favourite of mine because of the techniques it opened me up to and the amount of patience it taught me that I could carry over into other activities.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Photos With Quotes

There were a lot of very important lessons that I learned while doing this project. Patience was a very big lessons, as it has been throughout the whole year. Photoshop can get very frustrating especially when you're just starting to use it and you don't know short cuts. Something simple could take a lot of time and if you weren't expecting that you could get easily frustrated. In time, though, you learn that it's better to stay calm and that will help you complete the task smoother. Another lesson I learned was that you shouldn't be afraid to explore on photoshop. If you don't explore and you only do what you know what to do your product is not going to be as well made as it could be. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Pinhole Camera

Positive Image
Ghosting Technique

Negative Image 

Pinhole Camera: A camera with a pinhole aperture and no lens.

Throughout this process I learned a lot about patience.  You have to be still for 40 seconds when the shutter is open and that, for me at least, takes a lot of patience. You also have to be patient when putting your photograph through the chemicals and wait the allotted time for the picture to be done. Another thing I learned when doing this project is to stretch your imagination. When taking normal photographs with a super fast shutter speed it's easier to explore and take a lot of pictures in a short amount and choose the one you like the best. With the pinhole cameras you have to set up a specific picture and careful place it other wise the picture does not turn out well. Along the same vein, I learned about perseverance. If one picture didn't turn out well, you couldn't give up. It was a bad feeling when it didn't turn out well because you spent so much time on the picture but you just had to get back out there and take another picture. 

I enjoyed this project a lot. I've always loved older things and how they work. I was fascinated with how a paint can could take a picture and I'm very glad I now have this experience. The routine of putting the photograph through the chemicals added a nice layer to the project. It gave us (Amanda and I) time to think about the photograph and what we might want to do for the next one. It was aggravating when a picture didn't turn out well but I think we caught on fairly quickly and many of out pictures turned out well. It was also really fun to play with double exposure and ghosting. You can't do that with DSLR camera really (especially double exposure) and it was fun to experiment with is and discover what looked good and what didn't. I think it would be a fun task to try ghosting with my DSLR camera. 

Positive Image
Double Exposure

Negative Image

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Recently I had the amazing opportunity to go to France (and Italy) for 10 days. I have been fascinated with the culture of France since I was little and I was more than excited to go. In the following blog posts I will update some old posts (Food and Architecture//Landscape) with pictures that I took during my travels as well as sharing a mini project I took on while in France. These posts include most of the pictures I took on the vacation but not all of them. 

The Italian Landscape
Italian Architecture
French Coastline (Mediterranean Sea) 
The Yellow Fields
Flowers & Other Plants
Pope's Palace
Stained Glass
Architecture of Churches// Palaces
Architecture // Landscape 2.0
The Ch√Ęteau 
Food 2.0
The Louvre
Eiffel Tower
A Plethora of Paris Pictures
A Collection of Glorious Snapchats
Walking Tour of Europe

taken in Nice, France. 4.20.15.

Creative Portraits/Self-Portraits

In this picture I was really focusing on playing with eye contact and shooting candidly. We had just gotten to the end of a field to the opening of the woods path and Amanda had taken a break and didn't notice that I had gotten my camera out. Candids are my favorite portraits, and maybe pictures, of all time because they seem more real to me. 

In this picture I really wanted to share how adventurous and peaceful Amanda is. She is very into nature and a very calm, centered person. I think this photograph shows that well. The laid back pose and how she is looking off into the woods admiring nature show how much of a nature lover Amanda is. This photograph, to me, bleeds peacefulness because of the lighting and how beautiful, and quiet, the surroundings look. 

In this picture I was playing with getting different expressions on the subjects face, not just a cheesy smile. To do this the picture had to be a candid because many people can't do a real expression right off the bat without being too silly. I think this worked out very well because it looks genuine and real and that's what I love in a photograph, especially a portrait. I was also working on angles while taking this photograph. The subject, Nicky, is sitting down in this picture so it easily could've been a straight on shot. I got to the level of the bench to use this angle because I thought it would add a little something extra to the picture. 

To me this picture shares the message of friendship and playfulness. Nicky has been a very good friend of mine for a very long time. We're very comfortable with each other and this is one of the many expressions I see on Nicky on an everyday basis. This facial expression shows up when I make a really bad pun or I'm laughing way too hard at a joke that wasn't really that funny to begin with. I've named this expression, it's the, "oh my gosh you dork" look. I do this to many of my friends on a daily basis. I think that this picture shows Nicky's caring side that shines through many times throughout the day. It (the picture) shares the message of Nicky's playfulness and how much he cares about his friends. 

This picture was very focused on subject expressions. Sophie had asked me what I wanted her to do and I told her, "something ridiculous". She went with it and I don't think the picture could've turned out better. 

I hope this picture shares the message of how silly Taylor(left) and Sophie(right) are. Sophie is one of the funniest people I know and I think this picture really shows this. I think this picture captures the fun friendship that they have and how funny they are. Taylor was laughing the whole time I was taking this picture and so was Sophie. This picture, to me, captures how funny Sophie is and how much of a happy person Taylor is. 

With this picture I was working with angles and subject expressions. This little girl was very silly and I wanted to capture that with the facial expressions she was doing.

I hope that this picture shares the message of children's playfulness and innocence. I was at the beach with Breanna and Amanda and we all had our cameras out. This little girl came up to us and just said, "are you guys film makers or something? Will you take a picture of me!?" The minute we said yes she immediately started posing and being silly and I tried to get some high up angles of her character. This little girl was very happy, silly, and energetic girl. She was a very innocent, and full of sunshine. She loved the camera and people paying attention to her and I think that this picture captures that message of who she is.